Smalls Power Poles & Linework boasts a fleet of vehicles which are very well kept, regularly serviced, regularly inspected (electrically and structurally) and highly regarded within the industry. They consist of the following:


  • 2 x BHB 10T Lifter Borers

  • 1 x 6 wheel drive Lifter/Borer

  • 3 x 17.5metre Redman Gary Insulated EWPs

  • 2 x 17.5metre GMJ Insulated EWPs

  • 1 x 14metre Versalift Insulated EWP mounted on 4 x 4 truck

  • 6T Crane Truck

  • 1 x Hino 10T Tipper

  • 1 x Hino 6T Tipper

  • 3T Hitachi Excavator (Rubber Track)

  • 12T Komatsu Excavator (Steel Track)

  • 5T Caterpillar Tele-handler (All Terrain)

  • 4 x Toyota Landcruiser 4 x 4 Service Utilities

  • 2 x Toyota Hilux 4 x 4 Service Utility

  • 1 x Redman Gary Three Drum Cable Recovery Unit - 10kN

  • 2 x Redman Gary Hydraulic drive self-loading cable trailers

  • 1 x Timberland 45kN Two Cable Puller c/w 2 x hydraulic recovery winders

  • 1 x Timberland 45kN Two Cable Tensioner c/w 2 x air braking pay-out drum units

  • 3 x Two Drum Cable Rollers c/w mechanical disc brakes

  • 4 x Single Drum Cable Rollers c/w mechanical disc brakes

  • 12 x 750mm Sheathed Transmission Rollers

  • 20 x 610mm Unsheathed Transmission Rollers

  • 120 x 450mm Sheathed Transmission Rollers

  • 7.5T Kabelco Excavator c/w Scrub Mower

  • Takeuchi traxcavator c/w Scrub Mower

  • Stump Grinder

  • Tree Chipper


All vehicles and plant carry all required safety gear applicable to their operation including but not limited to fire extinguishers, first aid kits, spill kits, Safety data sheets, log books and test reports.