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Level 1 & level 2 ASP

Accredited in Essential, Endeavour and Ausgrid networks

Level 1 

Smalls Power Poles & Linework has the ability to deliver projects from single pole substations, to complete line renewal or installation. With qualified linesman, cable jointers, underground cable installers, plant operators, apprentice linesman and labourer's we have the entire project covered from start to finish.

These tasks may include:


  • Installation of Poles

  • Installation of New Supply – High Voltage and Low Voltage  

  • Termination and Stringing of all Types of Conductor Augmenting, Existing Conductors, H/V and L/V  

  • Termination of High Voltage  and Low Voltage UGOHs  

  • Earthing  

  • Overhead Jointing 

  • Cross Arm Replacement  

  • Pole Mount Substation Construction 

  • Installation of Load Break Switches (LBS) and Air Break Switches (ABS)  

  • Removal of Redundant Overhead Conductors and Poles  

  • Pole Supply  

  • Pole Transport and Peg Drops  

  • Pole Dressing  

  • Private H/V Supply and Maintenance

  • Installation of Padmount and Indoor Substation

  • Underground Jointing

  • Underground Installations

  • Transmission Work

  • Street Lighting

Some examples of Level 1 ASP work we have already completed include

  • 63kVA Substation Maraylya NSW

  • 63kVA Substation East Kurrajong NSW

  • High Voltage Back Bone Supply 7 x Concrete Poles and 400m HVABC Wilberforce NSW

  • Hardex Replacement Feeder 504 Liverpool to Hoxton Park Zone

  • Relocation of 300m x 11kV Private Network including three Substation Terminations, New Low Voltage and Streetlight Circuits at Orica Site Villawood NSW

  • Low Voltage Network Augmentation 380m x 4 x 150mm² ABC Smithfield NSW

  • 15km Network Renewal High Range NSW (Augment High Voltage and Replace Poles)

  • 33kV Transmission Pole Replacement Discovery Park Liverpool NSW (feeder 504)

  • Hardex Replacement Feeder 508 Liverpool to Hoxton Park Zone

  • Asset Relocation Hunter 8 Rail Triplicate Project Maitland

Level 2 

Smalls Power Poles & Linework has been carrying out Level 2 contestable works from its onset. We were one of the first companies to attain Accreditation in Cat 1, 2, 3 and 4.With a compliment of eight qualified Level 2 operatives we can spread them out to cover a large geographical area or bring them together to achieve larger projects.

These tasks include:


  • Disconnection and Reconnection of Overhead and Underground Services  

  • New Services - Overhead and Underground  

  • Meter Installations  

  • Installation of Spreader Bars  

  • Installation of Private Property Poles  

  • Defective Pole Changeovers  

  • Installation of UGOH Connections  

  • Mid-Span Connections   

Some examples of Level 2 ASP work we have already completed include

  • Low Voltage Supplies to numerous Telstra Mobile Towers (Portland, Doonside, Bundanoon, Warners Bay, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Blacktown, Pitt Town, Tuggerah, Sanctuary Point, Campbelltown and more)

  • Installation of 300+ Road Clearance Poles on Endeavour Energy’s Network Area

  • Temporary Site Power for Domestic and Commercial Construction Sites

  • Internal Maintenance of Private Supply Scheyville National Park

  • Relocation of 300+ Low Voltage Services on Endeavour Energy’s Network Area

  • Connections of New Premises for Sydney’s Leading Builders

Vegetation Control 

In the construction of new power lines or maintaining existing power lines, NSW Supply Authorities require a minimum clearance from vegetation. Smalls Power Poles & Linework are able to provide the plant, machinery and crew to carry out any requirements that might be imposed on our customers from trimming around existing lines to complete under scrub removal and clearing. 

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