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Pole Supply

Smalls power Poles & Linework Can supply a large range of CCA treated timber hardwood power poles.

Pole Lengths available for purchase include

  • 8 Meters  

  • 9.5 Meters 

  • 11 Meters

  • 12.5 Meters 

  • 14 Meters

  • 15.5 Meters 

  • 17 Meters

  • 18.5 Meters

  • 20 Meters 

  • 21.5 Meters

Please contact us if you are interested in poles longer than 21.5 meters 

Each of our pole lengths available for purchase are also found to come in a variety of different strengths ( kN )


Please note that as the strength of the pole increases, the diameter of the base will also increase 

These strengths could include ​

  • 2 kN 

  • 4 kN

  • 6 kN

  • 8 kN

  • 12 kN

Transportation and freight of poles

Transport can be arranged for all size poles upon request. Whether it’s a full load, peg drop or a one off pole. Transport is also available for deliveries Australia wide.

If you are interested in organising freight for purchased poles, please call us for a quotation.

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